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Put Your Retirement Money To Work For You Today!

IRA Properties is all about taking charge of your tax-deferred or tax-exempt pension and making investments that will insure your retirement years are spent counting memories not pennies.

IRA Properties will show you how to truly diversify your portfolio—and how to secure it at the same time. When people talk about diversifying their portfolio, what they are usually talking about is diversification in stock. IRA Properties will show you how to truly diversify your IRA—with real estate.

IRA Properties is one of a limited number of companies who specialize in helping individuals self-direct their IRA accounts. Self-Directed IRA accounts allow you and your investment advisor or broker to manage and direct the investments in your IRA. Once you have self-directed your IRA, the investment possibilites are almost endless. You can purchase real estate outright, buy real estate tax lien notes, or purchase the retirement home of your dreams.

Carla Datorre Pearson
IRA Properties
11900 Biscayne Blvd #801 Miami, FL 33181
mobile: (305) 799-6936